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As machine-learning is becoming more technical and Rank Brain is improving on a day-to-day basis, it’s important to get on top of your game when it comes to writing good quality content that’s SEO-friendly.

If a user is unable to understand your content, how is a search engine crawler going to extract the right connotations and meaning that’s embedded in your copy? Something to think about.

Here’s an interesting tweet by Gary Illyes (A Google spokesperson):

Gary illyes spelling tweet

That being said, as Google just publicly announced that having content on your website that doesn’t sound natural will weigh less in the ranking process, what grammar checking tool are you using to ensure that your content is the best it can be?

I assume you aren’t using any 3rd party tool? It’s time to change that.

Introducing Grammarly

Therefore, I’d like to introduce your new best friend, Grammarly, don’t worry, it’s completely free of charge, forever. I have been using it for around 5 months now and it’s an absolute gem.


I think we can both agree that having typos and grammar mistakes in our content, whether that’s online, at work or via email is embarrassing.

We aren’t SEO content writing experts, therefore, it’s always nice to receive some 3rd party help, especially help that’s free of charge.

What’s the catch of Grammarly?

There isn’t one, I promise. It’s completely free of charge and can be downloaded as a chrome extension here, or you can type directly into their online editor. You’ll just need to create a free account.

grammarly spell checker

As part of the free version, Grammarly will check your content against its spelling and grammar database, if something is wrong, it will highlight that piece of text for you and then present some correction options.

At the end of each week, I get some crazy email from Grammarly outlining how many words it has checked and how many times it’s corrected spelling for me. All free. This tool allows me to write without breaking a sweat, if I make a mistake, I know that Grammarly will pick it up.

Grammarly Activity

How easy is it to use Grammarly?

It’s as easy as using Google docs because they work like one another.

Grammarly documents

Once you have created an account over at Grammarly, you can login using your web browser and you’ll have visibility across all your documents, you’ll also have the ability to create new documents.

Once you start writing, Grammarly will scan your content and compare it against its database of spelling mistakes, punctuation and grammar errors – simultaneously as you write. If it finds any errors, it will display the enhancements on the right.


You don’t need to start writing from scratch, you can copy and paste the contents of your work into a document and Grammarly will get to work. After a couple of seconds, it will start to outline grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, and punctuation errors.

Not only does it detect these mistakes, Grammarly will provide a detailed explanation about why it’s picked this up as an error – therefore, you’re not only fixing these mistakes as you go, you’re improving your understanding too.

Grammarly For Other Software

Alternatively, you’re able to incorporate Grammarly into your web browser by using their chrome extension, and also your word-processing applications like Word. Therefore, Grammarly is everywhere you write.

Is there anything beyond the free version?

On the other hand, of course, every free tool has a premium version. Below you can find the side-by-side comparison of both the free & premium accounts at Grammarly.

Free and Premium Grammarly Comparison

Here is pricing plans as of 24/02, you may need to check the website to get an accurate representation of what the current pricing structure looks like. If you don’t want to pay for premium, no problem, you can still use Grammarly free of charge, forever. It’s an awesome tool, even in the free version.

Should you purchase Grammarly? I think it depends on your responsibilities, whether that be at home or at work. If you’re a blogger, then yes, it’s definitely worthwhile as you’ll be creating lots of content, whereas, if your somebody who doesn’t craft that much content, but you’re tend to write a lot of emails – you’ll be able to get away with the free version.

I have purchased a 3month subscription, as I write a lot of content on this blog and on other parts of the web, so it’s a worthwhile purchase for me, especially as I have been grinding away on a lot of blog posts recently. So I’m in need of another set of eyes on my content.

Please do let me know if you have any questions in regards to Grammarly, I’m happy to help, I love this kit.

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