5 Mobile Marketing Trends to Drive Sales

Mobile marketing

As mobile marketing continues to evolve, understanding the trends that will take center stage will help in the creation and implementation of mobile marketing strategies that will keep your business on the cutting edge.

Customers continue to want more interesting and engaging information on their mobile devices, which gives companies a huge advantage to introduce new, meaningful experience that will be of value.

It’s no secret that audiences are fully immersed in mobile devices. Everyone has gone digital, which provides marketers with a perfect opportunity to capitalize on mindshare and create a positive two-way relationship with users.

Branding your company through valued experiences in mobile marketing will help build brand loyalty and an engaged audience that appreciates the time spend in developing personalized, meaningful experiences.

How can your mobile marketing team creatively position your company to attract and retain users that want more than just visiting a mobile site, getting an app experience, or receiving SMS messages or e-mail?

Here are 5 mobile marketing trends that should be used to drive sales:

1. Video Advertising

Smartphones have the ability to show clear, crisp video to convey messages and engage your audience. With social media platforms embracing short video, users are expecting more than just an SMS or email ad.

Sponsored results on these platforms must conform to the growing demand, so getting in on video ads at the beginning of the demand is key.

2. Wearable Device Marketing

With wearable devices becoming more affordable, expect this demographic to exponentially grow. If you want to reach this market, your marketing team need to understand that the future of wearable device marketing lies in notifications.

For example, Apple Watch owners might find themselves idly swiping through the Glances UI to see what’s going on, but getting notifications is the most common interaction and taking action from there.

Apple has made it clear that marketers have 10 seconds or less to interact with their customers.

The data you retrieve should be able to tell you when someone is in on your website, what they are looking at, and have the ability to immediately send coupons or incentives which will propel them to make a purchase.

According to Snodgrass, marketers are urged to experiment with wearable marketing. Carve out a small budget and task your mobile marketing team with exploring and understanding how this new market works.

3. Mobile Loyalty

Creating a mobile loyalty club will assist in creating customized experiences for your audience and build a following that will use and share your products and services.

You can create unique offers and vouchers that is tailored and targeted to mobile users. With a loyalty app, you can reward your repeat visitors while striving to drive revenue, increase social mentions, and build a loyal following.

4. Automation

Use automation to connect with your audience at a higher level. The data of your customers should be used to determine the best times to send them advertisements, emails and messages, which can be shaped into personalized promotions and featured deals based on their buying habits and preferences.

5. Social Media Advertising

Although social media advertising is already being used, there are other platforms on the market that are integrating ads and video, such as Snapchat. Other social media platforms are starting to make their advertisements more interactive, allowing users to become fully immersed in the experience.

These tips & trends represent what’s on the horizon for 2016 that should be a huge part of any marketing campaign being implement. Knowing your audience and what will drive interest to achieve sales is not only becoming more data-driven, but competitive as well.

Getting in on the action while things are still formulating will keep you at the forefront and on the minds of current and potential customers, which translates into market share, lead conversion and a bigger bottom line.

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