How to Use Mobile Marketing Effectively to Capture More Leads

Mobile Marketing to Capture More Leads

In the past few years, the use of mobile phones and tablets has skyrocketed to significantly higher levels, which has completely transformed the ways users use the information on the website. The growing popularity of mobile devices has completely shifted the focus of digital marketers towards mobile marketing.

“Mobile Marketing” is a storming term that has brought revolution in the world of internet marketing. The recent example of the blowing impacts of this new term is the launch of Google’s newest mobile friendly update that has forced the online business to make their websites responsive for getting higher visibility in search results.

With this new update, it becomes necessary for all eCommerce sites to revamp their old lead generation strategies and use new ways for implementing mobile marketing effectively in their marketing campaigns.

Read on the listed ways of using mobile marketing effectively for capturing more leads through the mobile traffic.

1. Make the Most of Progressive Profiling Technology

If your web forms have tiny fields and are incompatible with mobile devices, then it could lead to lowering of their completion rate. It also makes uneasy for the mobile users to read on the forms properly on your website.

Moreover, zooming and scrolling often makes the task of completing the web forms more tiresome for the users. Instead of eliminating those forms from your site, it is better to implement the progressive profiling technology to make the forms compatible to the screens of mobile devices.

This technology will help the digital marketers to collect information on progressive basis. Benefits of applying progressive profiling technology for ensuring conversions:

  • It allows you to offer new forms automatically based on the previously collected information.
  • It allows you to gather information about your visions.

Here is an example that shows the working of this technology while filling the forms:

During first visit, the form will collect basic information about the visitor:

Users basic information

During second and third visits, the former set of questions will be replaced as shown below:

Progressive Profiling Technology

Creating simple and short web forms will certainly leads to higher conversions because the mobile phone users will find it easier to complete the form without putting extra efforts.

2. Put Clear and Bigger Call-to-Action Buttons on Your Mobile Site

Call-to-action buttons also known as CTAs plays very important role in grabbing visitor’s attention and generating leads on your website. When it comes to placing them on your mobile website, make sure to use clear and bigger call-to-action button over there to help visitors understand what you are trying to tell them to do.

The CTA on your mobile website must have the given features:

  • It should have clear and action driven text.
  • It should include interesting images, which are impressively optimized to fit on varied screen sizes.
  • It should be clickable.

The example of a good CTA on a mobile device vs. a bad CTA if shown below:

Good bad mobile device CTA

In Half Moon Brewing Co., you can see that the CTAs are very clear and clickable prompting users to move ahead with the actions they want to take. While in Livingsocial, you can see that the CTA is overlapping with the fold, due to which the visitors might end up clicking on the toolbar instead of the CTA thus preventing lead generation.

3. Keep Your Content Short and Interactive

The most interesting feature of all mobile websites is convenience. Undoubtedly, if your mobile website makes it easy for the visitors to access the content on your site without putting efforts, then it will definitely help in increasing the user engagement on your site, which is important for generating more leads.

Try to remove the extra steps required by the visitors to click, load and swipe to catch their attention towards your services and products. Also, you can make the content short and interactive as mobile phone users are usually interested in reading punchy lines instead of going through the entire content.

The given example shows how short and interactive content looks in mobile devices as compared with lengthy content:

Interactive vs lengthy content mobile

If you are able to provide content on your mobile site in a user friendly, convenient and engaging manner, it will help you in making maximum advantage of the explosive mobile usage, thus increasing your chances of more conversions.

4. Offer Loyalty Programs to Your Mobile Customers

This is another striking way of engaging mobile phone customers on your website for more lead generation. If you offer loyalty programs to your mobile audiences in the form of promotional coupons, discounts, and other promotions that can be redeemed through mobile devices, then the chances for higher conversions increase on your mobile site.

ecounpons mobile devices

Most of the mobile devices have location based hardware inside them that gives you the added advantage of offering loyalty programs in a region specific manner. Offering loyalty programs are proven beneficial for the businesses as it improves visitation frequency with an optimistic return on investment (ROI).

Other Benefits Include:

  • It is researched fact that when customers unlocks their loyalty coupons or discount offers, they spend 30% more time on your website that can help in capturing more leads.
  • While redeeming their loyalty coupons, customers use to spend 19% more time, which again is useful from conversion’s viewpoint.
  • It is also a fact that if you offer more loyalty rewards to your customers, their visitation frequency tend to increases around 75%.

5. Create Mobile Optimized Email Marketing Strategy

When it comes to using mobile marketing for capturing more leads, we can’t miss the most important aspect of Mobile SEO, which is Mobile optimized Email marketing strategy. Research has shown that 53% internet users open promotional emails on their mobile devices.

Now, if you don’t have mobile optimized emails for promotional campaigns, then you will not able to drag your customers to your mobile website. You are completely at the risk of estranging from the bulk of your overall audience.

Therefore, it is essential that you should optimize and test your promotional emails before mailing them to your target audience for ensuring maximum visits to your mobile site.

If the traffic on your site increases due to this mobile email marketing strategy, it will ultimately capture more leads and better conversions.

If you want to modify your mobile marketing strategies for more lead generation, it is time to implement the above discussed ways in your current strategy. Considering these techniques will surely allow you to make a strong basis for executing your mobile marketing strategy successfully.

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