22 Amazing Growth Hacking Tools To Boost Marketing ROIs

Growth Hacking Tools

This is the list of tools that ease up the work of growth hackers. Or maybe content marketers? Digital managers?

Whatever you have in your Job position field (or Dungeons and Dragons Class field, if your company is up to such shenanigans), one thing is sure – we’ve scoured the web in search of amazing new tools that will help the work of any growth hacker aiming to grow their business.

Here we go with a list of 22 Amazing Growth Hacking Tools To Boost Marketing ROIs. Most of them are going to make your job much easier, so be sure to try them all out.

To make things interesting, we also included tools that are rather peculiar as well! Keep an eye out for them.

Tools list

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  1. SingleGrain, Digital Agency
  2. Store Maven, App Store and Google Play AB Testing
  3. Onalytica, Influencer Search
  4. Instapage, Landing Page Creator
  5. Exit Monitor, Customer Exit Intent Manager
  6. Sigstr, Marketing E-mail Signatures
  7. Narrow, Twitter Audience Growth
  8. Quuu, Hand-picked Content for Social Media
  9. LeadIN, Intro-making WordPress Plugin
  10. trim, Subscription Management Service
  11. Clearbit Connect, Contact Info Steroids in Inbox
  12. Medium Editor, Inline Editor
  13. Throttle, Email Management System
  14. Wootric, Customer Happiness Booster
  15. Signum, Product and Market Analysis
  16. Siftery, Social Network for Products
  17. Conversio, Customer Interaction Booster
  18. Crazyegg, Website Improvement Source
  19. LogoDust, Free Logos
  20. PicnicMetrics, Easy Web Analytics
  21. AdJelly, Digital Ad Size Guide
  22. YT2FB, Youtube To Facebook

1. SingleGrain

Content is the fire. Social is gasoline.

“As the scope of content marketing continues to expand, it has become increasingly important not just to produce content, but to produce content that is 10x better than the rest and establish yourself as the go-to expert. Competing for the finite attention spans of your customers is no easy task, and that’s why quality content needs to be the top priority in your digital marketing strategy to drive traffic to your site.

Our team goes to great lengths to produce content that your brand is proud to share. We’ll then help amplify it with Facebook marketing using paid advertising and other distribution tactics.”

Single Grain is an integrated Digital and SEO agency, combining Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (PPC), and Conversion Optimization specialists.

Author’s note:

If you have an unusually large budget and you wish to hand over everything to experts, this is your best bet and we can finish our list here.

If you do not have a large budget, then continue with the list and see for yourself how you can amplify your growth hacking/marketing activities.

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2. StoreMaven

The leading AB Testing and Design Platform for App Store and Google Play Icons, Screenshots and Videos.

“StoreMaven is an a/b testing platform for your app store creative. With our service, developers can find the optimal combination of icon, description, and screenshots to drive install conversion in the app stores.

We already have a few of the top developers in the App Store working with us and we’re gaining incredible insights on user behavior in the stores by tracking and analyzing over 10,000,000 data points since launch.” – by ChrunchBase

Author’s note:

Assuming you own a website, you should be aware of how important AB testing is. This time it’s available for mobile applications – perfect for improving your app.

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3. Onalytica

Find Influencers With Your Content

“Brands create a lot of content and post it on their owned media channels be it their website, blog or content hub. This is great but often it does not cut through all the noise out there to drive real impact with your target audience.

Knowing the most relevant digital influencers for your content gives you a competitive advantage to influence their sizeable networks. You can share your content with them safe in the knowledge that they are posting very similar content and are therefore more likely to share your content with their social media following.

Onalytica matches the proportional usage of nouns in your content against an aggregate of what an influencer has posted on Twitter over the past 12 months to return the most relevant influencers. This will identify many more relevant influencers than keyword searching across social media listening tools.”

Author’s note:

Influencer reach outs are one of the most popular forms of content marketing available. With Onalytica you can promote your content with the help of carefully picked influencers, but you may also use them as experts in your future posts.

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4. Instapage

Create a Landing Page in Just 3 Minutes.

“You’re Only 4 Steps Away from Higher Conversions. From choosing a template to tracking your success, we keep things simple.

Build- Within minutes, you can build complex layouts with our drag and drop interface without touching a single line of code.
Integrate – We provide seamless integration with CRM, email marketing, social, and optimization tools with no programming required.
Deploy – Instapage lets you build and publish landing pages that work exactly like they’re part of your website.
Improve – Our A/B testing tool lets you track visitor behavior, compare conversion rates, and pick the best-performing landing page.”

Author’s note:

Instapage is a fascinating landing page creator that allows you to quickly set up a landing page for your product or promotional content such as ebook or white papers. Smooth, slick, and attractive in design.

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5. Exit Monitor

Turn Your Abandoning Visitors Into Customers

“When a visitor lands on your website, Exit Monitor begins tracking that visitor’s mouse movement and velocity to determine their exact position on your page.

Our custom-built visitor behavior learning algorithm and exit intent technology allow Exit Monitor to determine the exact millisecond a visitor leaves your page.

Once an exit intent has been triggered, Exit Monitor displays a targeted offer to your visitor. This gives you the ability to either capture a new lead or gain a sale.

Exit Monitor gives you the ability to drive more revenue to your business by leveraging customer data to capture more leads and turn visitors into paying customers.”

Author’s note:

There is nothing worse than bringing a lot of traffic to your website only to see it bounce, hard. Exit Monitor helps you convert some of the visitors with an exit-intent into sign-ups or whatever another conversion goal you want. A pretty good alternative to worn-out staples.

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6. Sigstr

Smart Marketing through Email Signatures

“Sigstr ensures that company branding is consistent, and the most relevant campaign is highlighted in every email sent.

Sigstr makes adding campaigns to your employees’ email signatures simple. After the initial setup, signature campaigns update automatically across your entire organization anytime a new campaign is activated.

Updating employee signatures is notoriously time-consuming and unpredictable. Sigstr provides companies with a powerful tool to maintain consistent branding, manage contact information and ensure compliance.”

Author’s note:

Put your coworkers’ emails to use. Personal emails are most trusted and you can leverage that fact in your marketing activities. A well-composed e-mail signature will increase brand awareness and might be a starting point in your conversion funnel.

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7. Narrow

Grow Your Twitter Following

“Narrow helps you build a targeted Twitter following by making it effortless for you to interact with users who are likely interested in your product, service, cause or business. It’s quick and easy to use.

Simply enter keywords or hashtags and we’ll identify a relevant audience for you and start building your following.”

Author’s note:

Twitter is one of the major promotional networks, if not the biggest one. Promoting your content and brand is not easy with a small group of followers, and growing it takes a lot of time.

This is where Narrow steps in – with a targeted audience, your content and brand message will be more visible than ever.

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8. Quuu

Hand curated content suggestions for social media

“See how it works… In 3 simple steps

  1. Select relevant categories that matter to you and your audience
  2. Quuu will automatically send hand-curated content to your Buffer.com account
  3. Manually edit scheduled posts yourself in Buffer.”

Author’s note:

If you are tired of reading countless amounts of articles – the cannon fodder for your social network – Quuu is your white knight in shining armor.

Hand-picked content targeted towards your audience will ease up your schedule and will help you in growing your audience while you are away from a monitor. Score!

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9. LeadIN


“Automate your personalized double opt-in intros, so you respect everyone’s time, including your own.

Monitor the status of your intros, so you don’t waste time searching through your inbox. Get automatic follow-ups to better understand how your intros have helped.”

Author’s note:

If you have a large network of connections but you do not have the time to benefit from it when preparing marketing campaigns or blog posts, use LeadIN to introduce your contacts to your co-workers or colleagues who can lead the project for you. Useful for any managers.

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10. Trim

Not all the subscriptions on your credit card bill should be there.

“Register your primary credit cards. We use bank-level security to keep your information safe.

Our algorithms scan your transaction history to find recurring payments you could be saving money on.

We ask you for permission to cancel or find discounts on those payments. Then we do the work for you.”

Author’s note:

A marketer’s / growth hacker’s life is a life full of subscriptions. Sometimes they are draining our budget even though we happen to use them less than we should. Trim is the perfect option to weed out needless subscriptions and save some buck.

“Hey, I’m paying for that?”

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11. Clearbit Connect

Give your inbox super powers

“Find out who’s behind an Email – Connect displays information on the person and company behind an email. Immediately uncover social handles, titles, company size, funding, and more.

Fresh Intel – Our data is never more than 30 days old, so you’ll never have to worry about stale data again.

Data from the Source – We search over 200 data sources for every contact, so you get the most comprehensive profile available.”

Author’s note:

Rapportive’s causing. If you know that addon, you should know Clearbit – it’s Rapportive on steroids. Learn everything about your contacts right from your inbox – useful if during a huge outreach you forgot someone’s data.

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12. Medium Editor

The dead simple inline editor toolbar.

Author’s note:

Rather simple tool – if you are a fan of a Medium style editor, this is a script you can install for free to get an inline editor like that. Handy, cool, awesome.

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13. Throttle

Control who can send you email.

“Spam, newsletters, coupons… it never ends. But what if it could? The problem is every time you give out your email address online, it’s like giving out the key to your house. They can put anything in your inbox they want, and often they sell your address to others who do the same.

9 out of 10 emails people mark as “spam” are ones they once subscribed to.

Some we subscribed to but never read because it interrupts our work and clutters our inbox, some we get after a purchase made online, and some after a company sold our email address.

Right now, you have no way to control who can access your inbox. The best you can do is request to be unsubscribed. But it’s your inbox. You should have the home-field advantage.”

Author’s note:

A newsletter slave no more. Managing all subscriptions is rather arduous, that is why trottle helps us with our mailings and arranges them in a digestible form. Useful for anyone who is swamped with emails in their inbox.

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14. Wootric

Win customers for life.

“Runs inside your web and native mobile apps – Still doing NPS by email? Wootric’s surveys run inside your Web and native iOS/Android mobile apps for off-the-charts response rates and statistical rigor.
Aligns your teams around customer happiness – Run “A/B happiness” tests for product feedback, reduce churn for customer success, and identify and activate promoters in marketing.
Makes customer success simple and turnkey – Start measuring AND winning customers for life in just five minutes.”

Author’s note:

Businesses run on customer happiness – no one wants to be hated like one of the telecom companies from the States. Wootric is a remarkable tool for measuring your NPS and managing customer feedback and impressions.

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15. Signum

Test your idea

“Talk about your idea: Fill in the form with the story about your project.

The algorithm works: Our algorithm will process the input.

Getting feedback: Within 24 hours you will receive an e-mail with a detailed report containing information about your idea (prospects, trend availability, market size, etc.).

What you’ll see in the report:
Information about the market for your project:

  • Trend availability
  • Market size
  • Investor activity in this segment
  • Average check sum

Information about the competitors.

  • The list of the closest competitors
  • Weak and strong sides of the competitors

Recommendations for your project.

  • Recommendations for improvement
  • Recommendations on prices
  • The list of recommended advertisement sites
  • Total assessment of the project”

Author’s note:

Incredibly useful when launching new projects, for example, side-products that will aid your marketing initiative. Market analysis and competitor overview made it easy for everyone arming themselves with a plan for the future of their product.

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16. Siftery

Share products you use at work, explore what others are using

“Siftery helps you discover the right software product for your business. Great software is a force multiplier for your job. And picking the right solution for your company will make you look like a rockstar.

The idea is to take every expert who understands enterprise software, put them together, and use the collective knowledge to make deep recommendations. It is like IBM Watson replacing a Gartner analyst.” – by Auren Hoffman

Author’s note:

Pretty much a tool that will kill lists like that in the future. If you are eager to know what other professionals in your network are using to oomph their effectiveness, then a Siftery account will help you determine what kind of tools you can use yourself. Perfect for arming yourself to teeth with handy tools.

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17. Coversio

Supercharge Every Customer Interaction.

“Show Tailored Recommendations:
No two customers’ needs are the same. Use our data-backed product recommendations to show your customers the products that they are most likely to purchase. This will increase your conversion rates & average order value.

Abandoned Cart Emails:
Industry averages show that almost 70% of customers abandon their shopping carts at checkout, which means you’re potentially losing a lot of money. Use cart abandonment e-mails to incentivize your customers to come back and complete their purchases.

Our email receipts have 70%+ open rates & 10%+ conversion rates, which makes them a huge marketing opportunity. Easily include our supercharged & personalized marketing components in your receipts to earn more revenue.”

Author’s note:

Handy for every eCommerce. It’s not only about Receipts (which are important and also is an upselling opportunity), but it also features options such as abandoned cart emails, recommendations, and followup emails. Make that sale happen.

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18. Crazy Egg Session Recording

Don’t just analyze user behavior. Understand it.

“Understanding your users doesn’t have to be complicated. Install our short JavaScript code to playback precisely how users interact with your website or web app. This helps you turn your insights into action in a way that charts and graphs could never support.

See each click, scroll, tap, pinch, zoom, and swipe users made. Crazyegg tracks activity from desktop, mobile and tablet devices. This lets you see all key user interactions within a browser frame

Crazyegg provides the most accurate replays of browser-based customer interactions, showing you every mouse movement, click and mobile gesture. We capture every custom interaction on your page or web app..”

Author’s note:

Extremely handy for any website or web application. If there are any problems on your website or app, and I can assure you that there are some, then the best you can do is watch them happen on a recording and fix them. Absolute must.

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19. LogoDust

Free Logo Designs For Your Projects

“At Fairpixels, we help ambitious entrepreneurs design their brand. With many unused logo design proposals piling up on our hard drives, we decided to make them available for FREE. If you need a quick, simple and clean logo or placeholder to kick off your project and your budget is limited, check us out.”

Author’s note:

Amazing for anyone wanting to launch a smaller product solo without any graphic design skills at hand. The logos are neat and you can use them however you are. Neat!

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20. Picnic

Google Analytics Reports Everyone Will Understand

“Email Reports That Everyone In Your Company Will Understand
Google Analytics can be hard to digest. Picnic Metrics simplifies the data in an actionable dashboard and send you weekly emails with your most important stats. No code or developer is required.

Your Most Important Metrics, All-In-One Place
Navigating in Google Analytics is a pain. Everyone knows it. Audience data is in one tab while behavior data is on another page. In Picnic Metrics, it’s simple: everything is in one place.”

Author’s note:

Metrics are difficult to understand, especially for novice marketers. Even if you do get them, it is difficult to explain them to the rest of your team. Instead of educating them on “guys, this is how to understand what I’m talking about”, Picnic transforms data from your webpage into a digestible form.

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21. AdJelly

The ultimate social & digital ad size guide!

“AdJelly is a free tool created to help designers and marketers get through the mental maze of online ad research.

No spam bullshit – Just straight ad size & specification updates guaranteed”

Author’s note:

If you are trying to keep track of all image resolutions on various social networks then you know it is annoying as hell. AdJelly keeps you updated on the resolutions and dimensions, so you know your pictures are perfect.

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22. YT2FB

“Make your YouTube Video play like a native Facebook video.”

Author’s note:

Pretty self-explanatory. Changes YT videos into Facebook native videos. Looks prettier and more professional.

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And we’re done. Of course, that list could be much longer, but let’s be honest – no one’s got time for that if you want to try them all.

But be sure – this is one of the first lists that we will prepare on this matter. In the future, we will collect even more growth hacking tools, be it cool or peculiar ones.

If you want to suggest something, sure! Just head to the comments section and give us a heads up – we’ll gladly include your proposition in our future lists.

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