How to Incorporate Social Media Tactics to Your Corporate Event

Incorporate social media event

If you are in charge of a corporate event, you would want it to be successful and interactive. Various activities like getting the right and interested audiences to the event, creating ticket sales, getting commercial partners and sponsorships are involved in making the event work.

So, whatever type of event you are planning, you would want it to be promoted in an effective manner in order to create brand awareness and attract the right audiences through social media.

Taking The Assistance Of Social Media

In today’s modern market, social media is omnipresent. So the target market whether they are attendees or sponsors will be using many platforms.

This means that it is just a case of searching for the right person at the right place. The following are the ways that social media can be used for marketing corporate events:

Double-Sided Referral Program

Various firms are using double-sided referral programs in order to connect with social media, thereby turning the available customers into promoters. With the power of the same social referral program, you can harness it and sell tickets of your event.

For making this strategy work, you need to give the ticket buyers a traceable link which they can share with their email contacts as well as social media followers.

Now the event attendees know who will purchase the ticket within the given network of contacts. They can target those individuals organically through social media or by direct channel like text or email. If any person with whom they share the links, purchases the ticket, then both the parties will get a small discount.

No doubt, the double sided referral program can be considered as one of the best means to incentivise the attendees for promoting the event and in doing so, the attendees will expand the event’s social media reach.

Creating Communities on LinkedIn

You can design an industry specific community in LinkedIn for your event. So, the community will give valuable insights and it can be regarded as a value-added resource for the attendees of the event. The best part of using LinkedIn is that it is one of the greatest platforms for creating robust networking groups.

The reason being, many attendees will be already using the social media network for expanding business contacts and learning about the best practices involved in work.

Social Media For Events And Conferences

Do you know that the LinkedIn groups can assist you in selling tickets? You can make the group public and send invitations to the past event attendees even along with the qualified prospects who will join your group. With this you can convert the past event attendees to your best marketing assets.

In addition, they can discuss about their experience related to the previous events and this can help in converting the potential ticket buyers.

Industry-Specific Blogs

The biggest advantage of a good content is the power it has to keep the past attendees engaged with the event as well as attract the new attendees who come across your content through social media channels and search engines.

Leveraging Keynote Speakers’ Influences

Sometimes, certain event speakers will have a significant social media presence. In such cases, you can ask them to promote your event on their social platform especially during, before or after the given event. This can help create a buzz and bring visitors to the website hosting the event.

In addition, during the event, you can encourage the speakers to snap pictures with the event attendees and get them engaged on social media sites.

Irrespective of whether the event speakers are true industry experts or celebrities, make sure to leverage the online influence for strengthening the event. You can even ask the speakers to share the ticket discount code with the followers just before the event.

Winding up

Now at the end of the day, the best thing which you can do is become creative. You have to make sure that your social presence is consistent and that you use the proper advertising channels. However, your creativity will shine if you design a robust event which people want to attend and discuss about it.

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