35+ Dazzling Tips To Rock Your Business with Blogging and Social Media

Business blogging and social media

Establishing and managing a community blog is becoming an increasingly important role for all types of businesses, whether it’s a tech startup or a major corporate brand.

Everyone has started utilizing the power of blogging and social media, so here we’re with 42 dazzling tips that will help your business to get more leads.

1. Invest in to a Great Blog Design – If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on the design, than get a premium WordPress theme. It usually cost $35-100 to get a nice looking design. On MarketerSearch, I’m using Consultpress Lite theme.

2. Invest in to a Great Blog Content – Write high quality in depth articles. Without putting much effort in your writing, your blog would be just sitting where it was… a year ago.

3. Don’t post daily – When I first started started blogging back in 2009 with a mmo blog, I publish 1-2 articles everyday and soon started losing interest. Here on MarketerSearch, I’ve decided to stick with 1 post / month schedule.

4. Create a list post – If done properly can generate thousands of visitors to your blog and even links from the relevant sites in your niche. A great example is my recent post – “The 100 WordPress Related Blogs you need in your life“.

5. Build email list – As they say “Money is in the list”, this is totally true. Building email list is something every blogger should do from the beginning. An email list is powerful than any other mediums including Twitter, Facebook or Google+. It’s more of a personal way to connect with your readers.

6. Guest Posting – A powerful strategy that can take your blog to next level. The benefits of guest posting are unlimited. It’s not just about getting traffic or backlinks, it’s about building relationship with other bloggers in your niche.

7. Blog Commenting – Read other blogs in your niche and leave thoughtful comments. A great example of one who does this very well is Adrienne Smith (a commenting superstar).

8. Run a Blogging contest – Contests are great, drive traffic and new traffic to your blog. Do a weekly or monthly giveaway on your blog and see how much beneficial it is..!!

9. Create a Blogging Guide – Create Beginner’s Blogging guide or convert some of your best blog posts into a bundle or guide.

10. Create a Resource/ Toolbox page – Building a resource page is as important as building mailing list. A Resource page helps new readers to find what they want. It is also great for ranking in search engines.

11. Answer your blog comments – Something that every blogger should take advantage of. Keith Davis, who does this very well. He replies to every single comment he gets and try to build long lasting relationship with them.

12. Do Interviews – Take the time to reach out to some of the big authorities and offer to interview them. I’ve been doing it from a long time and it works really well.

13. Get Interviewed on another blog – Take the time to reach out to the medium-sized blogs and ask them if they would be interested in doing an interview. Do your research before contacting any blog.

14. Accept Guest Posts – You should accept guest posts from time to time. In fact, it’s nice to have a “guest post” or “write for us” page on your blog, so that people looking to guest post can easily contact you.

15. Write a blog post about scam products – You always write raving reviews about products and how awesome they are. How about writing a review of a scam product or making a list post of top 10 scam products.

16. Join Forum boards – Forum boards are great, as they can generate huge amounts of traffic to your blog. Forums also help in connecting with other people in your niche.

17. Create Infographics – Infographics are great for creating link-baits. Visual infographics can turn the complex data into excellent stories using graphics. Two companies that are doing it very well are KissMetrics and Unbounce.

18. Podcasting – an untapped market that not many people are utilizing. Only a handful of bloggers are using this and are getting good results

19. Start doing videos – a good and useful video can go viral and attract links and traffic to your site.

20. Live blogging – Do you attend blogging events or conferences? Then how about doing a live blogging and reporting everything. There are few great plugins available in the WordPress Respo for this.

21. Add related posts at the end – Jetpack recommends related posts from within your site on a widget that at the bottom of the page. Click here to download the plugin from the WordPress directory.

22. Create a huge list of roundups – create a link love posts, it’s an old strategy to generate traffic and build connection with other bloggers but it still works very well. A great example is Fetching Friday, where Kristi publishes a roundup of high quality posts every week.

23. Bloggers Face off – A kind of debate, AdsenseFlippers did it very well with their recent debate on Authority sites vs niche sites.

24. Create Caricatures of your favorite bloggers – last year a young blogger used this strategy and ended up getting links from A-list bloggers.

25. Join Facebook Groups – Groups are a place which you can use to connect with like minded individuals in your niche.

26. Start A Forum for your site – a place where you can talk with your blog readers on more personal level. It can be free or paid, in either case, it will help you to build relationship with your readers.

27. Join Triberr – created by two amazing guys – Dan cristo and Dino Dogan! Triberr is a social app that can take your blog posts from zero to 100+ retweets, if used properly.

28. Being Everywhere – If I had to recommend one article about generating traffic, then it would Pat’s How to be everywhere. The post shows the different strategies that you can use to get your brand on multiple platforms.

29. Just RetweetJustRetweet is a simple twitter app that helps you get more tweets and provide you an easy way to find stuff you want to share and retweet it with a click and at the same time allows you to earn credits.

30. Submit and Engage with BlokubeBlokube is the social blogging community that bloggers & small business owners can use for multiple purposes – generating traffic, building links, connect with like minded individuals, finding blogs for guest posting & blog commenting, etc.

31. BizSugarBizsugar is the brainchild of SmallBizTrends LLC. The site has the most engaging community and is leaded by Anita campbell.

32. Use Buffer AppBuffer is a smarter way to share and schedule your tweets and facebook shares. Fill up your Buffer at one time in the day and Buffer automatically posts them for you through the day.

33. Encourage your Readers to share – you should encourage your readers to share your blog posts with their friends. The best way to do it is by adding a social media sharing plugin at the bottom of your page.

34. Share Your Blog Statistics and Earnings – Not many people are happy in revealing their blog earnings, but those who do gets lot of praises from their blog readers. Expect our first monthly report, in the next month.

35. Connect with Influencing people in your industry – Help other people to…achieve what they want. Sometimes you may be able to make a connection to those and end up getting more exposure to your brand.

36. Make your site responsive – Convert your blog into a responsive design, so it can work on all the devices without compromising the design layout.

37. Write a Press Release about your blog – We mostly see people doing press releases for startups and small businesses, but it’s rare to see a Press release about a new blog or blog updates. It’d be an interesting experiment to do a Press release for this blog.

38. Keep Tweaking your blog design – Tweak your template to optimize readability.

What do you think? Do you have any tips that you’d like to share? Please let me know in the comments below.

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