How Information Architecture Best Practices Can Help Your SEO

Website information architechture

The information architecture is very critical for any website or blog. It enhances the ease of access to the site by the visitors, speeds the access of the information in the search engines that increases the traffic to the site.

Information architecture refers to the combined effects of the labeling, organization, and the navigation procedures in the information system. It is the science and the art of classifying and structuring the data space that is critical in enhancing the website ease of access to the user and raising the web’s Search Engine rankings.

The information architecture requires sound organization of the information contained in the website / web space. The organization of the data is aimed to ease the navigation through the web, to increase the availability of the information to the search engines for the online searchers and to make the site appear attractive.

Information architecture or IA may sound like too complex but it’s actually a way for you to start organizing and restructuring your website’s information system.

With the help of IA, you can make your website more user-friendly and produce organic SE rankings. How do you make excellent site architecture? Actually, there is a simple guide to making excellent site architecture.

1. Organizing Categories

Making use of categories and sub-categories narrows down the amount of information that your users have to focus on. But even with the very little information provided, users can easily find what they need due to the fact that the information are chunked into pieces.

In addition, basing your information on the silo structure is important in enhancing the retrieval by the search engines. The reason for that is because the search engines identifies the categories as niches or silos that bears closely associated product pages.

The choice of the words to use for the categories and sub-categories is critical in enhancing the insight to the content by the visitor at a glance.

2. Deep or Flat Hierarchy

If your website is using distinct categories, a flat hierarchy would be the best structure to use. Deep hierarchy is more suited for websites with plenty of pages.

For better Search Engine optimization, flat hierarchies are better for presenting information that has distinct categories. If the data contains information that is interlinked, the deep hierarchy would be the best approach.

3. Support Usability and Findability

Users should always be able to easily find all the information they need and sections within the website with just a few clicks.

In your information system, using breadcrumb links enhances the visibility of your information to the viewer by providing the zooming effect that can be used to narrow or broaden the view of the information.

4. Efficient URL Structure

The URL structure of the website is critical in enhancing the accessibility of the information system through the customized search using the search engines.

System generated URLs might be the easier way to create URLs but they’re not really SEO friendly and they do not help you target your set parameters. Relevant URLs with the context of SEO is what your site needs and that should be your goal.

How do Information Architecture and SEO Work Together?

If you noticed, most of the best practices used in IA are also the best practices required in SEO. Information architecture works in tandem with accomplishing high organic search engine optimization rankings.

Significant content and effective organization assures easy navigation not only for the users but also SEs when trying to localize various page ranks and indexes. Having a user-friendly site supports attaining the targeted SE traffic as well.

To create intelligent content structure one should integrate non-product content. Realizing this IA will affirm that you’re presenting the right pages with the right amount of emphasis. IA practices are also SEO best practices hence there should be no competition between SEO experts and web designers. It should be a compromise so as to produce an ideal site structure.

The main aim in creating and achieving organic SEO is to also be appealing to the SE by focusing on your users, rather than them.

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